902561 Merit .20% + Turf Fertilizer 21-0-3 25%XCU


The use of this product will provide plant nutrients as well as providing control of selected insect pests. TCS GrowStar® MERIT 0.2 Plus Turf Fertilizer can be used for the control of soil inhabiting pests of turfgrass, such as northern & southern masked chafers, Cyclocephala borealis, C. immaculata, and/or C. lurida; Asiatic garden beetle, Maladera castanea; European chafer, Rhizotrogus majalis; Green June beetle, Cotinus nitida; May or June beetles, Phyllophaga spp.; Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica; Oriental beetle, Anomala orientalis; sugarcane beetle, Euetheola humulis rugiceps; billbugs, Sphenophorus spp.; annual bluegrass weevil, Listronotus maculicollis. Black turfgrass ataenius, Ataenius spretulus; Aphodius spp.; crane flies, Tipula spp., and mole crickets, Scapteriscus spp. TCS GrowStar® MERIT 0.2 Plus Turf Fertilizer can be used as directed on turfgrass in sites such as home lawns, business and office complexes, shopping complexes, multi-family residential complexes, golf courses, airports, cemeteries, parks, playgrounds, athletic fields and sod farms.


TCS GrowStar® MERIT 0.2 Plus Turf Fertilizer can be used as a broadcast application on ornamentals in commercial and residential landscapes, as well as on landscaped areas of golf courses and other recreational areas. This is a systemic product, with the active ingredient being absorbed by the roots and translocated upward within the plant. Optimum control will be achieved when applications are followed by sufficient mechanical incorporation, irrigation or rainfall to place the active ingredient into the soil. Application should be made prior to anticipated pest infestation to achieve optimum levels of control. Applications of TCS GrowStar® MERIT 0.2 Plus Turf Fertilizer cannot exceed a total of 200 lb (0.4 lb of active ingredient) per acre per year. NOTE: Not for use in commercial greenhouses, or nurseries

Product Description

For fertilization and insect control in turfgrass and landscape ornamentals and sod farms. Fertilizer with MERIT® Insecticide https://edmedicom.com. Contains MERIT® Insecticide.

Covers up to 14,285 sq ft


902561 Merit .20% + Turf Fertilizer 21-0-3 25%XCU:

  • 50# (40 units per pallet)

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