Softener Salt

Rock salt, solar salt or evaporated salt are the primary salts used in water softeners and are all primarily sodium chloride (NaCl). Water softeners exchange insoluble minerals, including calcium and magnesium, for a more soluble mineral: sodium chloride. Removing these minerals makes the water more effective at dissolving soaps and detergents. The process reduces the buildup of minerals in pipes.

Evaporated salt is the purest form of sodium chloride based salts that can be used for softening water. This type of salt is dissolved from its raw state and then converted back into sodium chloride by extracting all the moisture using heat. What is left is 99 % pure salt that is very effective in treating hard water.


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Soft water improves so many elements in your home. When you have soft water, less soap is required to clean your clothes, it’s easier to remove stains from your tubs and bathroom fixtures, your dishes will look cleaner and your hair and skin will even feel softer. What’s more, your pipes and appliances will have less buildup over time, helping you avoid maintenance and repair. Soft water will help save you time, money, and have you feeling at your best.

Public Salt Company is one of the largest bagged product distributors in the country.

We carry a full line of salt products including deicers, softener salts, swimming pool salt, agricultural and food grade salt and more.

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